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11/11/2009 09:39

Visitors notice

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11/11/2009 09:38

Website launched

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Igogo, International Ltd. is the pioneer for outsourced business expansion services in Asia Pacific. Having helped early and mid-stage companies enter the region, we have both the credentials and skilled people necessary to provide coverage and leverage throughout Asia Pacific. Our previous client list has included companies such as Future Dial, Wintech, and many others who have used our services. Today we continue our tradition of providing a cost effective alternative for technology companies seeking an effective presence in Asia Pacific.

Our Value

An accelerator to your Chinese operations, Igogo International, Ltd. with local offices located at Hong Kong, Beijing, and Singapore, brings Asia Pacific close to your business world. Our ambition: Be your team on the ground and beyond.:

Completely Outsourced mode  We develop your Asia Pacific operations from the ground up, you stay focused on core competency.

Transparency   We offer the transparency and daily commitment an agent /distributor or consulting firm cannot offer 

Time to market Hit the ground running as we bring a cost-effective and already operational structure to operate in Asia Pacific.

Risk Sharing    We can mix adequate management cost, milestone completion compensation, equity partnership, co-investment.

Igogo, International Ltd. remains the fastest growing region in the world today for technology products. With a proven market entry process and the right partners, achieving significant sales results is very possible. Igogo, International, Ltd. can help shorten your timeline to success and make the process more manageable Completely Outsourced model 













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